Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

Here we have testimonials and reviews from our former students and their families, many of whom have taken lessons with us for years, and have become a part of our family.

“I have played the guitar for several years, initially learning by ear.  Although I could play parts of many songs, I found it very difficult to completely play the lead and rhythms of most of my favorite songs.  Despite several hours of practice, I could not improve beyond a certain  level. In November, I decided to sign up for lessons with RKMI. I have  improved more over the last four months than I had in over 2 years of using guitar tablature. The addition of music theory with the ability to read music has not only improve my ability to play the guitar, but I  now hear music in a way I never had before. If you want to learn a musical instrument, I would strongly recommend that you try RKMI.”  David Martin

“Thank you for the extra effort you show to each of your students. This is money well spent.” ….. K.S.

“Thank you for all your help and instruction in the past; we really enjoyed it” ….. T.R.

“I really enjoy it here! I’m very pleased with my lessons and my instructor is very good.”…M.S.

“We recommend you to our friends. The quality is great. Equipment is excellent. I’ve really enjoyed the recitals.”…B.J.

 “Not enough words to let you know how much we appreciate all your hard work. You…have given so much in such a short time for drummers everywhere – but especially for our son…helping him through his stage freight and giving him the confidence to do it. We appreciate all your help.”…L.W., G.W., & C. W.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”…D.W.

“Thank you so much for the past couple months. I have thoroughly enjoyed your lesson! You are a wonderful teacher …” K.A.

“Thank you for the great lessons.”   K.S.

More Testimonials 

“Just wanted to thank you all for the amazing recital your family put together, but most of all – Thank you for your patience … It has been wonderful… Words can’t express my gratitude for Mr. Kaye and Josh as teachers.  Thank you”  P.C

“Hey Mr. Kaye, I wanted to thank you for all the trouble that you went through teaching me guitar. It was a lot of hard work but you never stopped or told me you gave up.”  C.L.

“The recital was really well appreciated by me and my wife. We really enjoy listening to each and every musician and singer young and oldalike. They are all very talented. Keep up the good work you both are very great music teachers.”   J.M.

“My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week. She enjoys Mrs. Kaye and loves being around her.”  N.G

“I always look forward to the lessons. Wish I could come more than once per week, but it’s probably not necessary. I feel like I’m learning a lot of stuff and I respect Ron as an instructor.”  L.S.

“We thoroughly appreciate the dedicated effort shown toward Olivia’s instruction. In only a short time, she has shown great improvement. Thank You.   B.V

“Mr. Kaye, Thank you for your patience and expert instruction with Trenton. You deserve much credit for his progress.”    Ivy.

“Ron, Thank you very much for the great lessons. I really appreciate it. It helped release a lot of stress from flight school. And thanks for being so flexible with my schedule.” Dan

“You have both been very kind and helpful to us (accomplishing our music goals). It has been a pleasure being your student and we hope our paths meet again some day.”   J.J & A.J

“You are playing a vital role in the education process of our students as a resource and partner with us in the fine arts. We do appreciate you giving of your time and expertise to assist us. We also look forward to working with you more in the future. Ron, thanks for the many door prizes as well.”   Sandra Durr, Fine Arts Specialist, The school District of Escambia County

“I have to say that I admire you as a person, and thanks in part to you, I will continue to pursue my dreams. I thank you very much for your kindness and advice. I think you have an extremely beautiful voice and innate class…. Thank you for being a wonderful, patient instructor and friend.”   Y.F

Even More Testimonials

“Our first teacher taught the children in a strange way. I thought it was great until we came to Mrs. Kaye. Now I realize I wasted a lot of money in Minnesota… my children play read and really have come to love the piano. She is a wonderful person,we are blessed to know her and her family.”   Anaya

“Kevin and Megan both enjoy their lessons – and it seems to benefit them in more ways than just learning the music.”  E.U.

 “Mrs. Kaye is Wonderful voice instructor. I feel more confident when I have to sing.”   B.E

“I really enjoy it here! I’m very pleased with my lessons and my instructor is very good and knows what she’s talking about. I get my money’s worth.”  Michelle

We think our lessons are great.”  B. & B. M

“We are happy. My daughter likes lessons. She really likes her instructor and is very comfortable with her. We would recommend her to our friends and family.”  I.P.

“Family members & friends have noticed a significant improvement in my voice since taking lessons at R.K.M.I” CD

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