Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons that make sense.

Piano lessons, should teach you at a much faster rate than if you tried to go it alone or with a teacher who is not personable and professional. If you are seeking beginner piano lessons, instruction for kids, or simply learning to play the piano for your own enjoyment, we will show you how to succeed while making your lessons easy and fun. In Pensacola, we are your Family of Music Teachers – Join Us! Our students learn to read music, understand music theory, and play awesome!

Our beginning through advanced piano lessons for children and adults are private instruction tailored to the specific needs of the student. All styles, from classical to pop, focus on ear training, improvising, and performing with others. We teach competition preparation, posture, confidence, and music theory. Whether you are learning for your own enjoyment or to play professionally, we will help you with your technique, musicianship, timing, and more.

Piano lessons Pensacola

Piano Lessons in Pensacola with Experienced, Educated Teachers & the ability to reach the level of playing which you desire. 

Whether you want to learn to play like a pro or just for your own entertainment, our teachers will ensure you reach your goals – No matter if your age or abilities. 

We utilize methods which have been time tested. Provide us the opportunity, and you will join the vast group of successful students and former students who are now enjoying the piano.

Piano Lessons

Let’s face it, there are some techniques and approaches which have survived the test of time. Many of these methods and techniques have been around for hundreds of years and are still practiced in every professional recording studio and university in the world. Upon these fundamentals, we utilize other more modern techniques which are also proven effective to provide instruction that yields successful results. BEYOND FUN, WE GET PROFESSIONAL RESULTS!

“I love taking piano lessons from Mrs. Kaye. She makes it fun and stress free. She and her son, Joshua, are both music teachers at elementary schools in the Escambia County school district. They are patient and always want the best out of their students. The cost of lessons is reasonable and I look forward to going to my lessons each week. I highly encourage people of all ages who want to learn to read music and play an instrument to give them a chance. You will get out of it what you put into it and their guidance is positive and encouraging.” Susie Dawson

“My granddaughter has been a student at Ron Kaye for 8 1/2 years now! We are so very happy with the education she has received and the advancements she has made on the piano! She has competed in talent competitions and done very well. The instruction she receives is not only how to play the piano and the theory involved, but also, knowledge of the great composers of the classics. As my granddaughter has grown over the years, we have also watched the children of the Kaye family grow and mature into great teachers like their parents. The Kaye’s are a wonderful Christian family and we would recommend them to anyone interested in developing their talent, no matter what instrument you choose to play.” Judy Leatherwood

“My daughter has been taking piano lessons with RKMI for about 4 years. This family owned music school is wonderful! My daughter has progressed so much. Not only are they talented musicians, their passion for music is contagious! They have been encouraged my daughter to broaden her musical horizons from piano to guitar and now to voice. I love seeing my daughter become the musician she is today. Now that we have to move, it’s sad to leave this dear family. I hope we can find the same music instructors where we will be. Mister Mr. Kaye, Mr. Kaye and Mrs. Kaye, thank you for all you do! We will miss you!” Gee Dub

“My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Kaye for 7 years. She has really enjoyed her weekly lessons and they have helped set the foundation for her to learn another instrument. The lessons and recitals have also helped bring my daughter out of her shyness.
I would highly recommend RKMI; all of the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable and make learning music a fun experience. 🙂 Lynnea McCray

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